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Remote Live Lesson Testimonials


" My daughter has been enjoying this new experience of remote learning. Mrs. Miller has been very accomodating making sure Amelia keeps up to her piano lessons, while maintaining her safety and health at this time of crisis. It is definitely something she looks forward to, she feels in control while still guided and mentored well. Thank you for your flexibility, Mrs. Miller!   

                                                                                                 ~ Novalyn Arbizo, Parent

"This was the first time I have ever done a lesson through FaceTime. I thought it was very effective. Mrs, Miller and I were able to focus on playing the piano the same way as if the lesson was taking place at her studio. I recommend this style for anyone who wants to stay ahead on their piano education, even if they are unable to meet in person and wary about doing a FaceTime lesson."  ~Michael Zeszutek, Student


"As a parent of highly distractible boys, having one on one lessons is really essential. The FaceTime lessons are unique in that there is an increased sense of a need for focus because the boys were not in the physical presence of the teacher. Mrs, Miller was able to see their hands and hear their playing. She has such a great ear, that she can hear the slightest error that needs correction. She can still demonstrate correct hand position and follow along seemlessly."

                                       ~Parent of Ian and Austin


"Mrs. Miller was able to see and hear me using FaceTime. She had the same music which allowed her to follow along. There was really little difference in quality from a face to face lesson."

                                                                                                                          ~Liam, Student

" It was very convenient. She was able to see my hands and hear me play to help correct me. I was able to see her as well and talk like we were together."  

                                                                           ~Aly T., Student

"My girls are so grateful to have Mrs. Miller give them remote live piano lessons, especially at a time when the world is not safe for travel. With tons of other important events cancelled at this time, we feel so fortunate to be able to not only keep up with, but continue to learn and prepare for the Guild adjudication that is also being held remotely this year. Mrs. Miller is innovative and modern. This can go on for months, and we are grateful to have such a wonderful highly educated professional go out of her way to continue our children's musical education."    

~Parent of Carly and Jordan


"Just had my lesson with Mrs. Miller on FaceTime. It went much smoother than I expected, glad I did it. It felt the same as if we were having a regular lesson. Thank you for making this available to us."

                                                                                                                                             ~Eddie Perez, Student



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