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Remote Live Music Lessons

I have been teaching music lessons via FaceTime for iPhone and iPad, Duo for Droids, Google Meet, and  Skype since 2017 with great success. This is a convenience for all of us because I can teach you piano, voice and/or music theory and composition lessons from wherever you are, whatever state or country you live in, as long as you have internet or cell phone access.


You may be asking yourself: "How does this work? Will students get as much out of remote live lessons as they do in person?"


How it Benefits You:


1) Safer - with the current world state of affairs and thousands of people being quarantined, you and your children will benefit from having your lessons in the safety and comfort of your own home. This will give you peace of mind.


2) Cheaper 

1. You will save on the cost of gasoline and car use, traveling to and from the lesson.

2. You won't have to expend your time: for example, if it takes you 20 minutes to drive to my Studio, then it is a 40-minute round trip. So you are saving yourself 40 minutes of travel time.

3) Convenient

1. This saves you time waiting at my studio for the lesson to be finished if you have brought a student.

2. You can have your lesson from anywhere with an internet or cell phone connection.

3.  If you are feeling ill, you can still have your lesson.

4. We can still enjoy our lesson even if you cannot travel to me due to bad weather such as a blizzard or ice storm.

5. If there is no one to drive the student to me, we can still have our lesson.

6. If your school or Day Care participates in my school-based programs, your child can conveniently have lessons with me during music time.

7. It is very important to have lesson continuity, so remote access gives you the opportunity not to miss any lessons based on any of the above-mentioned situations.

I have taught many remote lessons over the years and have received excellent, positive feedback as my students continue to thrive (see my remote testimonial page and video clips of real remote lessons). The result is amazing as it makes us feel like we are together in the same room. I explain how to do a very simple set up to maximize visibility on both ends once our lesson begins each time. Remote access allows me to zoom in on my hand position, finger placement on the keys and curvature, wrist movements for fluid motion, and certain notes which leads to really strong student focus.


I am experiencing a higher level of concentration from even my most distractible young piano students during these remote sessions. I am trained to zoom in and focus on the notes being discussed, to detect proper hand and bench position, correct fingerings, technique, details in the music such as hearing the dynamics and nuances such as crescendos, diminuendos, staccato vs. legato, touch, phrasing and anything else I could detect at an in-person lesson.  We easily work on improvisation, transposition, and preparing for our adjudications which are also oftentimes offered remotely.

I am also having wonderful success giving remote voice lessons; we work together on musicality, expanding the singer's range, performance presentation, and I assist on composing new songs. During these voice lessons I am able to correct notes and pitch, give stylistic feedback, can see and correct any tension, strain and breathiness, work on tone, head voice vs. chest voice and all issues that need to be addressed. I offer accompaniment via my YouTube channel videos which I custom record prior to our remote lessons at no extra cost to you.

Music theory is another one of my remote specialties. Students are advancing beautifully as we each have a copy of the theory workbooks and complete and correct assignments real time together.

Remote Lesson Fees

You are in good hands with Diane Miller as she is in the Hall of Fame International Piano Guild and is both Nationally and NY State Certified, has led seminars for concert pianists for Dorothy Taubman Institute at Juilliard, studied in London, England with Schubert specialist Martino Tirimo from the Royal College of Music plus numerous Juilliard professors such as Bella Shumiatcher, Simone Belsky, Beveridge Webster and with Constance Keene of Manhattan School of Music.


Ms. Miller holds Bachelor of Music Degrees in Piano and Voice Performance and Music Education from Ithaca College School of Music. She is Chairman and member of many Elite Music Organizations (see credentials in our "About Us/ Diane L. Miller tab). Ms. Miller can share her skills with students all over the world due to her live lesson expertise.


The fees for Remote Music Lessons are as follows:

$45.00  per 30 minutes

$60.00  per 45 minutes

$75.00 per 60 minutes


Payment is convenient via PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Zelle; if sending payment by check, then once it has cleared, we will have our lesson. Please make sure I have received payment before we begin our lesson to reserve your time slot.

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